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Christine Moh​

Born to a mechanical engineer father and an artistically creative mother, Christine grew up also influenced by her grandparents' careers in medicine, media, and public service. Having vast personal interests, her creative work has long been journalistic. She would never create anything without researching the project background and receiver or end-user information, whether for television programs, for developing a food product, or even when she is making something for her pets.


In 2005, with her well-established work ethic and reputation of "getting things done," she started her own creative studio with only one client. Since then, she has been designing promos, animated infographics, show-graphic packagings, and presentation graphics for international television channels such as MTV, CBS, & Smithsonian Channel. 


During her spare time, she likes to watch movies, listen to music, sing, draw, write calligraphy, and practice yoga.




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