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Christine Moh​

Christine came to the Earth (the location of Taiwan) in the early ’70s. She moved to the United States with her family when she was 13 to receive American education. In the mid-’90s, Christine received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cooper Union in New York City and started her career as a graphic designer in the New York Metro area. She has served many large and small media companies, including MTV, CBS, CNBC, and Al-Jazeera. Her work garnered multiple awards, and Christine founded and operated two design studios. After living in the States for 32 years, at the peak of her broadcast television career in New York City, and after much careful consideration, she decided to return to her birthplace, Taipei, at the end of 2017. Shortly after her homecoming, she was employed at Tatung University as an Adjunct Assistant Professor Rank Specialist. In the spring of 2021, she was accepted and admitted as a graduate student by the National Taiwan University of Arts, School of Communication, Department of Radio and Television. She graduated in 2023 with a Master of Arts degree. Despite her short excursion to learn and write about the communication media in Taiwan, her artistic design skills are engrained in her being. Christine is passionate about designing anything and is primarily focused on designing for the communicating true meaning of messages.



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