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Communication Design & Aesthetics Consultant 

All demo reel showcases her favorite work – 

Personally compiled, composited, animated, edited, and music remixed by Christine herself.

Christine is a hands-on, savvy, and pragmatic Visual Communications Designer. Graduated from the prestigious Cooper Union Art School, concentrated in Graphic Design, she developed her career in the mass media in New York City. She believes that "design" is ubiquitous in our lives, and any problem can be solved by a thorough understanding. Through this positive attitude and strong unyielding belief, Christine has accumulated many years of diverse design experience in New York City, from TV screen animations to workflow optimization, and she even developed an art rental system for a non-profit organization. As a Visual Communications Designer,  Christine has performed design services for production companies and television stations while creating award-winning works in the news, entertainment, advertising, and PR industries.​​ Her professional expertise includes graphic design, typography, UX design, infographics, art direction, and broadcast design.

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